PRESCHOOL PREK KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM 3 YEAR BUNDLE [108] 5-day lessons + 3-BONUS: A-Z Alphabet Letter Centers + Circle Time Centers + Classroom Poster Sets (12)

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108 | 5-DAY LESSON PLAN | PRESCHOOL PREK KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM BUNDLE SIZE 1.1 GB (VALUE $1159.95) + BONUS: A-Z Letter Centers + Circle Time Centers + Classroom Poster Sets (12)

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9-months of morning work circle time centers. Centers for September to May. This bundle includes everything you need to jump start each morning group gathering.

Includes calendar cut outs, weather station, bulletin board pieces, number, color, shape, and letter centers including cut out pieces for September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May to enhance learning of concepts in these areas.F.A.Q. What is the difference between Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3??

A: The 3-year bundle includes Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3. All three series are suited for pre-k to kindergarten age children. As described, the bundle includes 9-monthly lessons and enrichments from Series 1 (which was updated this year), and 72 weekly themes from Series 2 and Series 3.

The difference between the 3 series is mainly the design of the lesson pages, each series is slightly different in page design and of course offers different activities under each learning domain (see below). Enrichments/patterns follow individual lessons so they will be entirely different from series to series. Included are extra learning printables that may not follow the written lesson plan but compliment the students learning. They are included as extra/bonus printables.

Originally, each 9-month series was created as monthly lessons (Sept-May) and one after the other for a 3-year period. They do not follow each other. Each series was written to help prepare children up to kindergarten age students. Series 2 and 3 are also offered in individual 5-day weekly lessons on my store.

☀ Each Series 1-2-3 are sold separately in my store if you'd prefer only a 9-month series.

You could begin with series 1 in September or choose any other series as stated before, they do not follow a learning pattern of preschool pre-k kindergarten but the 3-years of lessons are suitable for these age groups when taught by an educator. Some of our buyers have also mixed up the monthly lessons and used the ones that matched what they were already doing in the classroom. It comes with 27 months when used as weekly themes, it is 108 weekly lessons to use in any order you want. I hope this helps!

If you have a question about this product, please contact me directly before purchasing. I am always happy to help in making sure this product works for you and your students. Thank you for viewing! ENJOY!

☀ Each day in all 3-year lessons include lessons and activities for each of these learning areas or centers: Circle Time, Intro to Pre-K, Story Time, Arts & Crafts, Math & Science, Music & Movement, and Cooking

A complete (3) years’ of lesson plans and enrichments, written in a 'simple to use' format allowing you to use alone or to implement the content alongside of your classrooms activities that you plan each month.

Why not save yourself a lot of planning time and start off totally prepared!! This incredible bundle has 3 years of lesson plans formatted weekly. SAVES you so much time when planning out your curriculum for the week.

This Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Curriculum bundle package includes 27 months of curriculum. This complete bundle includes monthly lessons for (3) years of teaching curriculum. Each year includes September to May monthly lessons.


Complete preschool or kindergarten curriculum bundle is full of fun activities with lots of opportunity to engage and bring out the best in your young learners. 3-Full years curriculum with lesson plans and printables. Each monthly folder includes full month lesson plans which have 4 weekly thematic lessons each: 1-day lessons include patterns and enrichments.

This bundle INCLUDES Series 1 -2-3

Series 1 - (9-Month Series Bundle and Weekly Themes Sold Separately)

☀ Series I – September - INCLUDED a. Ready, Set…Go! b. Family & Friends c. A-peel-ing Apples d. Our 5 Senses

☀ Series I – October- INCLUDED a. Pumpkins & Scarecrows b. Fall Harvest c. Red Hot Fire Safety d. Brewing Up Some Fun

☀ Series I – November- INCLUDED a. Terrific Turkeys b. Preparing for Winter c. Native American & Pilgrims d. We Gather Together

☀ Series I – December- INCLUDED a. Caring & Sharing b. Imagine That c. Christmas Time is Here d. Blast Off to the New Year

☀ Series I – January- INCLUDED a. Snowmen & Snowflakes b. Winter Welcome c. Opposites d. Transportation

☀ Series I – February- INCLUDED a. Shadow Fun b. Be My Valentine c. Birthday Bash d. The Human Motor

☀ Series I – March- INCLUDED a. Once Upon a Story b. Strike Up the Band c. Luck of the Irish d. Our communities

☀ Series I – April- INCLUDED a. Showers & Flowers b. Easter Parade c. Scent-sational Spring d. Down on the Farm

☀ Series I – May- INCLUDED a. Butterflies & Bugs b. Our Playful Pets c. Sea Down Under d. Zoorific

Series 2 - (9-Month Series Bundle and Weekly Themes Sold Separately)

☀ Series II – September- INCLUDED a. Me and My Family b. Celebrate Books c. Back To School d. Orchard Time

☀ Series II – October- INCLUDED a. Fall Has Begun b. Fire Safety Station c. Mr. Jack-O-Lantern d. Boo…To You!

☀ Series II – November- INCLUDED a. Hats Off To Volunteers b. Harvest Time c. Nocturnal Animals d. Giving Thanks

☀ Series II – December- INCLUDED a. Comforts of Christmas b. Christmas Anticipation c. Deck The Halls d. Tick Tock Goes The Clock

☀ Series II – January- INCLUDED a. Warm Winter b. Artic animals c. So…Snowy d. Our Bodies

☀ Series II – February- INCLUDED a. My Feelings b. Post Office c. Hearts & Flowers d. President’s Parade

☀ Series II – March- INCLUDED a. Open A Book b. Dingy Dinos c. St. Paddy Cakes d. Egg-citing Easter

☀ Series II – April- INCLUDED a. Wacky Weather b. Milk-n-Cows c. Wake Up Spring d. Space Watch

☀ Series II – May- INCLUDED a. My Garden b. Picnic Panic c. Snug as a Bug d. Life in the Pond

Series 3 (9-Month Series Bundle and Weekly Themes Sold Separately)

☀ Series III –September- INCLUDED a. Gone Fishing b. Off To Kindergarten c. Storybook Fun d. My Town

☀ Series III – October- INCLUDED a. Changing Leaves b. Fire Safety Week c. Witches Brew d. Halloween Fun

☀ Series III – November- INCLUDED a. Helping Friends b. Seasonal Bounty c. Autumn Animals d. Thankful Thanksgiving

☀ Series III – December- INCLUDED a. Away for the Holidays b. Tis The Season c. The North Pole d. Twelve Months A Year

☀ Series III – January- INCLUDED a. Happy New Year b. All Snowed In c. Rhyme Time d. Wheels in Motion

☀ Series III – February- INCLUDED a. Critters Underground b. Love Is In The Air c. The White House d. Health Check

☀ Series III – March- INCLUDED a. Fairy Tales b. Ole’ St. Patrick c. Spring has Sprung d. Dry Desert

☀ Series III – April- INCLUDED a. Grab the Umbrella b. Egg-tra Special Easter c. Hug the Earth d. Under The Big Top

☀ Series III – May- INCLUDED a. In the Sky b. Magnificent Mom c. Mountain Mayhem d. Super Scholars

After purchase you will receive a large zip file with 27 months of lessons inside. Right-click the ZIP file and select “Extract All…”. Because of the file size (0.99 GB), this product will take a few minutes to download. **

RFTS CURRICULUM PROGRAM OFFERS: 4-Weekly Themed Lesson Manual, Weekly Supply lists, Art or Craft Activities/Projects/Patterns, Color, Number, Letter & Shape Recognition, Community Helper Suggestions, Sign Language Cards, Math or Science Activities/Projects/Patterns, Music or Movement Activities, Literature Activities, Recipes for Art/Craft Projects, Recipes for Cooking with the Children, Book Suggestions Relating to Each Theme, Word Lists, Color Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Number Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Letter Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Shape Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Field Trip Suggestions, Partnership with Home Suggestions, Pattern Sheets, and Planned Fire/Tornado Drills

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