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Our Five Senses week will keep your students engaged with fun and educational activities all week. Students learn all to identify their five senses and having fun while learning. Our Five Senses Week is packed with fun and educational activities that will help them with reading, math, and science skills.

With our easy-to-follow lesson plans, will keep their minds active and challenge your students in a variety of ways. Plus, our simple lesson plans will make planning out your week a breeze.

⭐️ Your students will be learning all about their five senses during this week-long unit and today we will be exploring Taste and Smell. We will play a game of smell and taste-test, will make cinnamon room scents to freshen up the room and continue to experiment with different scents. Students have some fun as they will cook with you to make some yummy apple cider. Students will definitely enjoy the warm flavor and smell the wonderful spices.

⭐️ A B C and 1 & 2 Review will review the numbers and letters we learned this month in previous lessons. We roll the dice and play a game as students enjoy and snack on fishy crackers. The students will make flashcards for numbers 1-2 and play a game. We’ll finish the day by rolling up our sleeves in the kitchen and make alphabet breadsticks to be enjoyed by all.

⭐️ Day 3 this week, we introduce two of our senses, Touch and Feel. Your students will experiment using spaghetti to paint with! They will explore the feel of sand and a variety of other textured objects. They sing a 5 senses song and make play dough.

⭐️ Students will spend a day completing activities associated with the Color: Red. The day is loaded with lots of fun activities such as red play dough, experimenting with red shaving cream as well as painting their very own red t-shirts. Students will enjoy the balloon relay race and have a goodtime with face painting. During snack time the children will get to taste-test as variety of red foods.

⭐️ Students finish up this unit exploring Sight and Sound and do several activities where we use our eyes and our ears. We will make sound balloons and paint using puffy paint. The students learn to freeze dance and enjoy some five-senses popcorn.

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