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This fun and engaging week teach your child the 12 months of a year. They will enjoy a week of learning and crafting around the 365 days of a calendar. Your student will have a blast sharing baby pictures, identifying their birthday month, and throwing a fun classroom New Year’s Eve party with their family and friends.

Day 1: Calendar Counting. Students study a calendar and learn that there are twelve months in a year. They will have fun sorting monthly cards while placing in order. Students enjoy creating their very own calendars and using stickers to identify holidays and birthdays. They play a game of Birthday Month Hop and learn a song about 12 months in a year. Students enjoy some New Year Rice Pudding for a snack.

Day 2: Letters J, K, AND L Number 6 Review. Students review the letters J-K and L as well as the number 6. Students assemble a letter bag full of items beginning with letters we are reviewing and complete a series of review activity sheets. Students try to find letters that have been hidden throughout the room and make a beautiful collage using only 6 craft items and complete a number puzzle. They have a good time as they do the Letter Pokey. We finish up as we count and make a 6-ingredient fruit salad for a snack.

Day 3: Father Time, a day we will introduce the concept of time as we study clocks. Students learn about how a day will break up into activities we do and practice cutting and gluing when they make a daily chart of activities. Students will make a grandfather clock. Students will also study sand timers and play a clothespin clock game. For snacks, they will make cookie clocks. and practice their monthly Emergency Drill today.

Day 4: TIME FLIES, Students will talk about how another year is almost over and how much they have grown. Students will try to match their baby pictures with current pictures and make time capsules. They have fun with a timed relay race using a stopwatch. Students will also learn a New Year song and will make New Year's Floats for a snack.

Day 5: Happy New Year, Students say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the New Year! The students will learn to countdown from 10-1. They will make confetti balloons to decorate the room and noisemakers to shake as they sing a "Happy New Year to You". Families are invited to a potluck New Year’s party with lots of fun to have.

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