As a childcare provider, I was always looking for forms, menus, sign-in sheets, tax information, and administration policies to use in my childcare. With over 38 years in childcare, I have a wealth of resources specifically designed for homeschools and daycares. I hope you find resources here you can use.


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Are you looking to update or design/create an Administration Manual or Policy Handbook and Contract for your child/daycare business? If so, stop looking!

This is the perfect workbook for getting the job done!! Print the pages and the binder spine, coil bind or place in a 3-ring binder.

BW Design. Clipart Kiddo Credit: Krista Wallen Creative Clips.

As a family daycare provider or owner of a child/daycare center, it is important to remember you are also a business owner. You should have some type of agreement or contract with parents that identifies your services, program benefits, policies, and procedures.

It is important to have policies that you are comfortable with and that is easy to explain as you sit with a parent to discuss them.

Included are 81 daycare individual policies with a glossary of instructions on how to create your own content, along with explanations and a full example of what should be included in your policies when running a successful child/daycare business.

Whether you are in a child/daycare center or home-based family child/daycare, this workbook is perfectly designed to help you write an administration manual for your daycare business that truly represents and outlines your values, program policies, and benefits to children and their families.







Included Glossary of 81 child/daycare related policies defined and explained for you!

★ A Bit About Me...

  • My Goals
  • My Philosophy
  • My Experience
  • Trainings
  • References

★ Welcome Statement

★ Admission

  • Registration/Annual Renewal
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Extended Care
  • Extended Absence
  • Weekend
  • Overnight
  • Renewal/Forms

★ Arrival & Departure

★ Back-up Care

★ Business Hours

★ Calendar

★ Changes in Normal Routine

★ Each Child

★ Car Seats Use

★ Child Abuse/Neglect

★ Children with Disabilities

★ Children’s Absences

★ Childcare Closings

  • Child sick
  • Provider sick
  • Emergency
  • Professional training
  • Personal Day
  • Vacation
  • Bereavement

★ Clothing

★ Communication

★ Computer Learning Fun

★ Confidentiality

★ Children’s Cubbies’

★ Daily Schedule

★ Daily Notes

★ Damages

★ Drills & Disasters

★ Emergency/Safety Procedures

★ Posted Phone Numbers

★ Enrollment Requirements

  • Registration/Renewal
  • Deposits Refundable/Non-Refundable
  • State Handbook
  • Food Program
  • Consent Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Handbook acknowledgement
  • Contract

★ Field Trips

  • Transportation Release
  • Permission forms
  • Disclaimer
  • Cost/fees
  • Participation
  • Car seats

★ Food from Home

★ A Goal-Directed Program

★ Guidance & Discipline

★ Health Requirements

★ Illness Policy/Sick Care

  • Medications
  • Prescriptions/Antibiotics
  • Consent Form
  • Doctor Instructions
  • Yearly Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Medical Forms

★ Infant Care

  • Supplies
  • Formula/Food
  • Bottle Fed / Binkie
  • Breast-Fed
  • Special Care
  • Daily Notes
  • Schedules

★ Hold a Position Open

★ Injuries

★ Jury Duty/Election Duty

  • Parent
  • Provider

★ Late Fees

★ Legal Requirements

  • Provider
  • Court Order
  • Parent Custody
  • Restraining Order

★ Overnight

★ Limited Openings

★ Maternity Leave

★ Meals and Snacks

★ Multiple Child Discounts

★ Naptime

★ Non-Discrimination Policy

★ Non-Smoking

★ Open Door

★ Outdoor Playtime

★ Parent Board

★ Parent Conferences

★ Parent Participation

★ Parking

★ Parties

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Special Days

★ Personal Days

  • Parent
  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Provider
  • Paid
  • Unpaid

★ Pets

★ Pictures/Video

★ Policy Changes or Updates

★ Preschool Program

★ Quality Assurance Plans

★ Record Keeping

★ School Age Children

★ Security

★ Sign-In Attendance

★ Special Needs/Dietary

★ Story Time

★ Strategic Plan for Program

★ Substitutes

  • Parents Back-up
  • Providers Back-up
  • Substitute Pick-up

★ Supplies

★ Television

★ Termination

  • Parent
  • Provider

★ Toilet Training

★ Toys from Home

★ Transportation

★ Trial Period

★ Tuition and Fees

  • Deposit Assistance
  • Supply/Activity Fee
  • Refunds
  • Returned Checks
  • Early/Late Fees
  • Receipts & W-10 Forms
  • End of Year Tax Statement

★ Vacation

★ Visitors

★ Volunteers

★ Waiting Lists

★ Website

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